The opening ceremony of the scientific-applied university, specialized for the elderly care was held this morning, at the Kahrizak nursing home.

The university is established with the efforts of the late Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s charity.

Figures such as Dr. Haddad Adel, Sardar Mohammadian (Tehran Police Chief), Dr. Shanehsaz, Dr. Izadi, Mrs. Nahaleh Naraghi, and Dr. Alinasr Naraghi attended this ceremony.

Dr. Haddad Adel: I am happy to open such a university

I’m happy to have the opportunity to attend this ceremony.
This is my second visit from the Kahrizak nursing home. I had the opportunity to talk to the managers and also the elders who live in Kahrizak, more than once.

Dr. Haddad Adel
Dr. Haddad Adel

Kahrizak has become like a city, and I am not exaggerating if I say that this complex is a source of pride for Iranians.

We can teach this experience to the people of the world; In the years when Iran was affected by the crippling embargo, the people of Iran did not neglect to take care of the situation. If people don’t take care of their situation, these sanctions will destroy everything.

I wish all the success for all the people who are working in this complex, and also the family of the late Dr. Naraghi.

I hope that the activities of this complex will be heard by everyone in social medias.

Broadcast such a news, so that people know that there are still many kind-hearted people in our society.

Ms. Nahale naraqi as a member of board of trustees

Dr. Alinser Naraghi: The educational approach in Kahrizak has continued from past up to now

Dr. Ali Nasr Naraghi, the founder of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi’s charity, said:
About 30 years ago, my father established the Naraghi charity, with the goal of education; with the same purpose, my mother built a number of schools in the city of Mashhad.

the founder of Dr. Mustafa Naraghi's charity
Nahaleh Naraghi, and Dr. Alinasr Naraghi, Farvardin Tahbaz

We have angels in Kahrizak Institute, whose purpose is to help and educate the loved ones who live in this center.

We are happy that Kahrizak is a well-known institute in Iran and abroad, and is trying to work in its best way.

We are also happy that we can support this complex.

CEO of Kahrizak: It is our honor to support help seekers
Hamid Ghobadi Dana, the “CEO of Kahrizak Charity Institute” stated that: One of our biggest projects in Kahrizak Nursing Home in Alborz province is related to the Shaghayegh building, which will accommodate about 200 help seekers, which means at least 5 new nursing homes.

CEO of Kahrizak - University geriatric care
Nahaleh Naraghi

Fortunately, like all the buildings in Kahrizak, each floor of this building also has benevolent founders, with the total value of 70 billion Rials.

He further added: All over the world, such centers are managed by the government or municipality, but we are proud that we can support the loved help seekers on our own.


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